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CF920 LCD Smart Car Key

Author: iSun.Asia Time:2023-03-19 22:27:53 Read:2221

CF920 LCD Smart Car Key

Product Description

Touch Screen Display Digital Smart Key HD LCD Screen Protective Film Anti-scratch Waterproof Universal


Supported language:


Suitable for all original cars with one-key start function,

Not applicable to all manual in-line car keys and mechanical keys.

If you encounter the following problems:

1. Regarding circuit board soldering,
2.OBD signal setting,
For other questions, please contact us after receiving the goods, we will help you solve it, please do not initiate disputes directly, thank you.

Comfort Access Function
Auto window Function (some models)
Long lasting display
ISP HD anti-glare LCD screen,  (Fully laminated glass has a wider touch field of view)

 Material: zinc alloy+ABS
 Alarm range: 5m
 Alarm mode: light flashing
 Applicable models: universal one-button start

1. Vehicle-grade comfortable entry
2. LSP HD anti-glare LCD screen,Silky touch
3. Lock the windows
4. Window lift (some models)
5. Fully laminated glass touch
6. Alloy material
7. Colors:silver
8.15 minutes quick installation
9. Welding harness, OBD quick installation
10. Long standby time, 100 days standby time,
11.200 days comfortable settlement, 365 days logistics button
12. Change the car logo, long press to change the car logo (you can design the car logo and upload it by yourself)
13. Anti-lost function, fill in the owner information

Lock car window

If the original car key is locked at a distance of 10 meters, the window can still be operated, and the automatic window can be locked

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