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LCD Smart Car Key

K600 LCD Smart Car Key (BMW *Original Style)

  • K600 LCD Smart Car Key (BMW 3 Original Style) K600,smart car key smart LCD key Remote control vehicle key universal smart auto key touch screen models K600 with PKE attenna
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K600 LCD Smart Car Key

BMW 3 Original Style

Smart LCD Touch Car Key Auto Remote

Universal car key / Non-destructive installation



Smart LCD car key


K600  BMW 3 Original Style


Zinc alloy + PC + ABS




Comfort access function


Universal car key  / Non-destructive installation


Smart Remote key


Remotely Control LocK: When you are close to your car with  LCD remote key, your car can be automatically unlocked. When you leave the car with the key, your car will be automatically locked.

Dedicated LCD Design: The LCD touch screen makes your car keys more attractive and outstanding than the original one, which brings you a perfect visual experience.

Customizable Logo: This customizable remote key allows you to choose to set your car logo. Built-in 100 major car brand logos, you can change the car logo as you like. Multiple styles available. Replacement remotes that look better and function like the original car key.

Safety Ensure: With your tools and excellent soldering ability, you can complete the installation without disassembling any parts from your car. It also does not affect the safety of your car.

Health Management

With the built-in pedometer, you can check your step number recorded by the pedometer every day.

Anti-lost Function

You can set it to display the phone number of the car owner. If you lose your LCD car key, it will be convenient for the person who picks up your car key to contact the car owner.

Keyless Entry

No need for changing the wiring of the original car. After installing the LCD car key, you just connect with the socket of OBD to upgrade to Keyless Entry. When the LCD car key is 3'~5'(ft) away from your car, the car will be automatically unlocked; your car also will be automatically locked when it is 16'~20'(ft) away from the car.

(You can turn on/off this function by yourself)

Must have the fundamentals of the circuit and the ability to solder to install! (If you can't do it or are not sure whether you can do it, please ask professionals for help.)

The key layout of different car models is different, please refer to the actual situation


1- Does This Come With The Comfort Lock/Unlock When You Walk Away And Walk To The Car?


2-Is It Suitable For My Car?

It's Compatible With All Cars Which Have Engine Start/Stop Switch One-Button Start Function

Product Description

smart lcd car key

smart lcd car key

smart lcd car key

smart lcd car key


1.The K600 smart LCD car key  is compatible with what kinds of cars? 

Answer: This smart LCD car key is compatible with all the cars with  Engine Start/Stop 

 2.Will this device break the safety of the cars? 

Answer: our smart LCD car key doesn’t change any original functions of the car.  the communication between the key and car is still same, so the safety is still same as original key 

 3.How long can the built-in battery work, and how to open the door if the battery is empty? 

Answer: the volume of the battery is 800mA, usually it can work 10 days, even if the screen can’tdisplay, the physical buttons on our key can still operate the car for 6 months 

 4. Will the original key be affected after soldering? 

Answer: during assembling, you only need to take out the original PCB board and solder the wires with each button, so if you don’t want to use our key, then you can remove all the wires and put it into the original case of your key 

 5. Time display on the key is correct or not? 

Answer: Time display on our key is the data from your key with all the data collected by our OBD device, so there might have some small differences due to the car made in different years. However, please go to the car shop to check if some abnormal information

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